Dorbll® replaces the intercom at your apartment building, the reception desk at your co-working space and the video doorbell at your front door – for only €1,00 per month per user.

Dorbll® uses your smartphone's camera and microphone so there is no installation of expensive intercom or video doorbell hardware. It's the only intercom system that's installed and ready in 30 seconds! There is also no need for a WiFi signal: Dorbll® uses your phone’s wifi or cellular signal. Besides this Dorbll® only records video when necessary. Locally on your phone, not in a cloud.


With Dorbll® visitors start a video call by scanning a QR doorbell on your door. They see a directory of every tenant in your apartment or office building. They then simply tap on the name of the person they want talk to and start the call.


You can be anywhere in the world to see who’s at your door.


With Dorbll® Plus you can record video calls and save them on your smartphone locally. No clouds!


Share your doorbell via Whatsapp®, Messenger® or any other platform. Upon arrival at your location visitors ring your doorbell on their own smartphone - so they don't even have to get out of their car.


With Dorbll® Plus you can send a message when you’re unable to answer the call.

Print Instant Doorbells

In a hurry? Need a new doorbell right now? Print your QR doorbell directly from the app and use all video doorbell functionalities! 

One for all

Create a group and add members of your family, apartment building or company to one single QR doorbell. Vistors can now ring anyone individually.

Dorbll® Pro for large groups

For groups with 20+ members, like apartment buildings, companies or shared office spaces, we offer Dorbll® Pro.

Dorbll® Pro consists of a beautiful aluminum display for your reception area, a web based portal to manage your members and groups and a 24/7 helpdesk. Dorbll® Pro is available for groups with up to 1.000 members. Contact us for more information.

*Dorbll® Plus lets you record video calls locally on your phone and send messages to visitors, and is available as in-app purchase for an additional €1,00 per month.

Download Dorbll for iOS or Android